SSD & Solid Drive Recovery


SSD & Solid Drive Recovery

splashA unit of solid drive or SSD (solid-state drive) is a data storage device that uses non-volatile memory such as flash memory or a volatile memory such as SDRAM to store data instead of the dishes magnetic rotating conventional hard drives. It's called NAND.

Its main advantage over conventional hard drives are solid state drives are:

- less sensitive to shock,
- are practically inaudible
- have lower access time and latency (are faster ..)
- battery consumption is less

SSDs use the same interface as hard drives and are easily interchangeable without having to use adapters or expansion cards to match them with the equipment. Being fairly immune to external vibrations are well suited for installation in vehicles, laptops, tablets, phones, etc..


  • How do I send my support? +

    RecoverCenter picks your damaged devices by a courier free of cost. Just give us a call and tell us the Read More
  • How much does a diagnosis? +

    When your device is received at RecoverCenter lab is assigned to an engineer, who made a deep examination and prepare Read More
  • How long it takes to recover information from a disc? +

    The standard recovery service is about 6-8 working days from receipt of the disc in the laboratory. When the information Read More
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