MAC System Recovery


MAC System Recovery

Apple computer & tablets have become very popular in recent years, although it's unique internal configuration means that not any technical service is able to manage a fault when it occurs.

One of the unique aspects of Mac systems is the structure of the file system, the way in which data is stored on the hard drive. Macs often use different variables of the systems NTFS, FAT, or the ext3 file extension other operating systems. You need a special skills, experience and appropriate techniques to recover data from a HFS system.

apple-moneySome of our engineers are specialized in this type of system, so we can take care of your equipments and devices if you have a problem with them.

All data recoveries are performed in our office, where your data is completely safe. Our recovery engineers are specialized in work against the clock to recover your critical data. If we cannot recover your critical information, you will not have to pay anything..


  • How do I send my support? +

    RecoverCenter picks your damaged devices by a courier free of cost. Just give us a call and tell us the Read More
  • How much does a diagnosis? +

    When your device is received at RecoverCenter lab is assigned to an engineer, who made a deep examination and prepare Read More
  • How long it takes to recover information from a disc? +

    The standard recovery service is about 6-8 working days from receipt of the disc in the laboratory. When the information Read More
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