Forensic Services


Forensic Services

forma recuperacion datos2RecoverCenter offers specialized services in Computer Forensic. We are experts in the preparation and ratification of Legal Expert Reports, and apply the latest technologies for the fraud detection and quantification.

We have a specific Forensic Computer Laboratory and a specialized Computer Forensic professionals team who combine technological expertise with extensive experience in forensic analysis, forensic evidence and fraud investigations.

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Recovery and forensic analysis of systems

Today much of the evidence exist only in digital format. Locate and extract information from digital media requires the appropriate hardware with sufficient computing power, specialized software, and a highly qualified team with experience in the recovery and management of digital evidence to ensure that they will be admitted to a possible legal proceedings.

Our professional team retrieves and analyzes digital evidence and electronic evidence from the information systems of your company and hardware devices (servers, laptops or desktops, backups, etc..), ensuring the chain of custody, integrity , validity and acceptance in legal proceedings
Computer technical expert reports

Today it is increasingly common for disputes to courts facing are related to information technology. The cases of computer crime, industrial espionage, unfair competition, escape, destruction or theft of confidential information, illicit copy of the source code, system intrusion, malware presence, software development projects failed, etc.., Are becoming more frequent .

Traditional cases have a significant technological component due to growth in the use of computer tools, which has led to a growing percentage of the evidence of proceedings are in electronic format.

Our team acts as expert witnesses in proceedings or litigation that require a specific IT technical knowledge, as well as in cases in which the evidence identified are located in information systems.


  • How do I send my support? +

    RecoverCenter picks your damaged devices by a courier free of cost. Just give us a call and tell us the Read More
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    When your device is received at RecoverCenter lab is assigned to an engineer, who made a deep examination and prepare Read More
  • How long it takes to recover information from a disc? +

    The standard recovery service is about 6-8 working days from receipt of the disc in the laboratory. When the information Read More
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