Data Base Recovery

Data Base Recovery

Computer user typesThe database loss is one of the problems that our customers suffer, since most enterprise management systems store their critical data in this file type, and in turn, on magnetic media. This is also an upward trend since, with increasing frequency; a company has multiple database and not just one. The recovery of these databases critical because sometimes can jeopardize the future of the organization.

With multiple years of experience, using a proven methodology with most market suppliers, we have developed techniques for recovering databases extremely effective, we have created a special relevance in the market.

Our work is simple:

1 - Quick diagnosis. In less than 24 hours, free of charge, we will tell you if your database is recoverable. We will send you a complete report and an accurate quote of the recovery cost .
2 - Speed. The average duration of a recovery is around 2-5 days. If the recovery of your database is critical, we have an emergency service 24/7. In these cases, we can recover your database within 24 hours.
3 - Professionalism. Our services are used by prestigious organizations, and received
constant acknowledgment by our clients. Access to our Google and Facebook profiles and read more about us.
4 - Security. Strict compliance with the LOPD is the critical for us.

We offer recovery services for virtually all databases. The most common are:

- Microsoft Office SharePoint Database
- Microsoft SQL Server Database
- Microsoft Exchange Server Database
- Microsoft Visual FoxPro DBF Database
- SAP Sybase Database
- Oracle Database
- MySQL Database
- FileMaker Database
- IBM Lotus Notes Database


  • How do I send my support? +

    RecoverCenter picks your damaged devices by a courier free of cost. Just give us a call and tell us the Read More
  • How much does a diagnosis? +

    When your device is received at RecoverCenter lab is assigned to an engineer, who made a deep examination and prepare Read More
  • How long it takes to recover information from a disc? +

    The standard recovery service is about 6-8 working days from receipt of the disc in the laboratory. When the information Read More
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